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Solving dog behavioral problems and improving the relationship between dogs and their carers. 

The problems that I deal with are very diverse - dogs' aggression towards people and towards other dogs, persistent barking, pulling on a leash, not calling, pissing at home, separating problems, defending bowls or toys and many more. 
I work with hyperactive, anxious and aggressive dogs. I also help them adapt to everyday, happy life in the city. 

I visit dogs in and around Warsaw.


How to prepare for the meeting

The first meeting takes about 2 hours - please reserve enough time.

It would be good if during the visit those household members who are in some way involved in dog problems were present.

I will probably ask you to feed the dog less before the meeting, because we will feed him or her during the meeting.

It's good that you prepare snacks to reward your dog, and have the toys you usually use.

Whenever possible, I would prefer the dog to wear a harness instead of a collar.


Maybe I will ask you to record and send videos with problematic behavior prior to the meeting, especially if the problem concerns aggression towards dogs. Such videos greatly reduce the time needed for diagnosis.

What does the meeting look like 

We meet at home, where the dog lives, because I have to see the dog's problems and behaviors in its natural environment.

During the meeting, I conduct an interview about the dog and most often we go for a walk together. I try to determine the causes of problems, and then I find exercises and activities that will be most helpful for this particular dog.

Finally, I set up a work plan and necessary changes with the dog's carers, which you get in the most important points immediately in writing.


After the meeting, you receive from me detailed description of the  activities and exercises recommended for the dog.

What's next?

About a week after the meeting, I contact you and we talk about progress and difficulties. If there are any problems with the implementation of some exercises, we try to modify the recommendations and accustom them more to the dog's needs.


For a month after the meeting, I am open for any questions about exercises or problems. It helps a lot if you can send me the videos of exercises or problem situations.


I answer the questions in a way that suits you - by phone, e-mail, text or messenger.

Next meetings

Sometimes a prepared exercise plan and recommendations are sufficient for caregivers to work independently and solve problems.


If necessary, we arrange a next meeting or a few meetings and set goals to reach for the nearest meeting.

przebieg terapii

Full consultation 2h:


The cost of full consultation includes online or telephone help within 10 days after the meeting.

Online meeting 1h:


Subsequent meetings:

In person 1h - 250PLN

Online - 30PLN for every 10 minutes.



  • Special tariffs for dogs from Adopciaki program and for dogs from Azyl pod Psim Aniołem.

  • If you are a volunteer in the shelter - ask for a discount.

Before the meeting please fill up a short form concerning the dog.

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