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Beyond reward and punishment

When we think about a dog's learning process, what is usually taken into account are rewards and punishments. Little attention is paid to the fact that in the dog's learning process it is very important to observe and achieve dog’s own goals and the satisfaction that comes with it. Of course, anything can be described in terms of reinforcements, but thinking about learning from a broader perspective - taking into account dog's emotions, goals and motivations - greatly helps in understanding and in cooperation with the dog.

The film shows a young female dog, Gienia, who was afraid to enter the metal platform in the garage, and she needed it so that she could go on trips by car (which she liked very much). Additionally, recently Gienia had a hind legs surgery, and had long-term physiotherapy, which could further reduce her self-confidence. Gienia did not want to enter the platform lured with treats, so the caregivers gave up exercising. After some time it turned out that Gienia started to enter the garage and alone or with little encouragement from the caregivers, she decides to climb the platform. She does not get any rewards for it, except for the satisfaction of the caregivers. You can see on the video, that overcoming her own fears gives her satisfaction.


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